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Your foolproof guide to selling on GAFF Shop

Right; let’s get the awkward bit out of the way. GAFF Shop is a curated space. The clue is in the subtitle: Pre-loved, GAFF-Approved. We are carefully curating a marketplace of stylish interiors that we know would look as good on our Instagram feed as it would in your home, making for a far nicer second-hand shopping experience. Therefore, everything that gets uploaded to the shop will be approved by us, to ensure consistency. From time to time, an item you would like to sell might not fit the bill. No ‘live, laugh, love’ wall prints, for example. But remember, it’s not you, it’s us: we’ll let you know if it’s not a goer, and give you feedback, where possible, on how to make it work.

Think your product will meet our seal of approval? Great, here’s what you need to do to get listed..

Let's talk imagery

  • We require at least four images of the product, including one feature image which will appear on the GAFF Shop homepage.
  • Try to photos using the square function on your camera to avoid any cropping mishaps later on.
  • Ensure photos are clear, well-lit, clutter-free and truly reflect the product. Please don’t add filters or fixes; we want to see the real deal.

  • Make a little effort when styling the item for your photos; adding a plant or a print in the background can go a long way to giving potential sellers a good idea of how this will look in their home.
  • Try to include at least one detail shot: a close-up.
  • Need an example? Check out the products on the homepage which have already met the GAFF Shop standard.

It's all in the details

  • The details are just as important as the pics. This requires a simple fill- in-the-blanks on our item selling page.
  • Give your product a title that has a little more oomph than just ‘chair’ for example, such as ‘mid-century walnut dining chair’
  • Then give as much description of the product as allowed. Styling tips, if you have any, also help.

  • Be sure to mark your location, fill in your price, choose an option that best reflects the item’s condition, decide if you want to click the ‘collection only’ box and then add your imagery.
  • Then simply tick ‘get GAFF approved’, and your item will come straight into our HQ, where we will give it the once over.
  • You can check the status of your item at any time on your seller’s account dashboard. It will be marked as ‘pending approval’ ‘approved’ or ‘rejected’ (let’s hope it’s not the latter).

Our top tips

  • Always flag if there are any faults or damages to the item to avoid buyer disappointment; we like to be as upfront as possible to ensure you get the sale and everyone is happy.
  • Multiple items? If you have a set of six dining chairs, but you are open to selling them individually, make sure you update the product to reflect how many items you have left.

  • Please mark your item as sold as soon as you’ve done the deal. We, nor other interested buyers, will know the item has been sold until you mark it as sold on your side.
  • Deciding on a price can be tricky! First consider how much you paid for it when it was new. Then consider the condition it is now in. And also consider how quickly you want to shift it. We have not set up GAFF Shop with a bidding system, however, when you are in conversation with an interested buyer, feel free to negotiate.

  • Tick the ‘collection only’ box if you only want to hear from buyers who can come to you to pick up the item. Leave this unticked if you are open to delivering it yourself or meeting up at a midway point.
  • We’re leaving the payment method up to you as the seller! You might want cash in hand, you might send them your details for a quick online transfer: whatever works for you. We don’t take any commission here.

  • Be sure to read up on our terms and conditions if you have any questions.
  • Remember, GAFF shop is merely facilitating the promotion and selling of your pre-loved, GAFF approved item, and connecting you with interested buyers, and is not liable for any deals or transactions outside of the website.

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